One of the important goals we should have as parents is for spiritual conversations with our children to be natural. These conversations should not be something out of the norm, but simply conversations that happen in the flow of life and the events of the season of life our child is in. Rena' and I started having these conversations with our children when they were babies, even though they may not have understood the reason behind them. We wanted these to be natural for them and something they had always experienced. As they got older, we asked more questions and gave age-appropriate direction.

Christmas is a good time to start if you have never talked about spiritual truths in your home. All children are interested in Christmas, but we need to make sure they are interested for the right reason. Below is where I would encourage you to begin. 

Matthew 1-2 and Luke 1-2 tell the Christmas Story. Set a goal to read the story to your family before Christmas. Break it down by event and read just that portion. Talk to them about what is happening in the story. If you have a FireBible or another good study Bible, there will be commentary on the verses that will help you. 

Here are some big questions you will want to discuss with your children and teens as you feel led.

  1. How did mankind come to exist?   
    Answer: We are the purposeful creation of God.
  2. Why did God create us?
    Answer:  He created us as objects of His love and for us to love Him.
  3. Why are there so many problems in the world today? 
    Answer: When God created us, He gave us freedom of choice. We could have obeyed God, but, instead, we disobeyed God. This brought a separation between us and God, and now we all live by our own desires. This causes trouble. (You can illustrate this by events in your own life.)
  4. What happens when people die? 
    Answer: We were made by God to be eternal beings. Death means our spirit goes to stand before God. (This may seem like a tough question, but we need to teach our children it is part of our condition and how we face it with faith.)
  5. What happens when we stand before God?
    Answer: If we have put our faith in Jesus to be our Lord and Savior, we will have eternal life with Him in Heaven. 
  6. Why do we celebrate Christmas?
    Answer: Because God, in His love for us, sent His Son, Jesus, to pay the guilt price for our disobedience and now we can have a new relationship with our Creator. 

I would suggest you ask a question or two at a time. If your children are younger, just tell them the truth of God’s Word in terms they can handle. The goal is not to scare them, but to help them have joy in God's love for us and to know why we celebrate Christmas. Let the Spirit of God lead you.  

Let me encourage you to plan your timing well. Some of the stories and questions may fit well at bedtime. Other questions may need more time during the evening.

Pastor Mark