40 Days of Prayer & Fasting

January 10 - February 19

Why Fast?
In Matthew 6, Jesus gave us specific direction on how to live as a child of God that included three specific duties of a Christian: giving, praying and fasting.  He made it clear that fasting, like giving and praying, is a normal part of Christian living.

What is Fasting?
Biblical fasting is giving up specific food and drinks for a specific number of days for a specific purpose. The type and length of the fast you choose is between you and God. 

Prayer Topics
This year during our prayer and fasting time, we are focusing on four prayer topics.  Plese join with us each day in prayer for these specific things. 


  • That the hearts of those far from God would be opened to Jesus
  • That believers would have a new love and passion for those who need Jesus
  • That believers would have a new boldness to invite and witness
  • That our altar calls would be full of the power of the Spirit to change lives
  • That people far from God would be drawn to Calvary
  • That God would lay names on our hearts to have the talk with

   The United States of America

  • That Biblical morality would return to our nation
  • That God would intervene for our good in the next presidential election
  • That God would draw the hearts of our leaders to Him
  • That there would be a great awakening to God
  • That the true church in America would fulfill its calling before God

   Calvary Church

  • That there would be unity and love among the believers
  • That there would be an outpouring of God’s Spirit in gifts and fruit
  • That God will guide us through the choices we must make this year
  • That those who are sick will be healed
  • That there would be anointing on those who are working in ministries
  • That C2 Groups will lead people to practical Christian living and offer care for each other
  • That the door will be opened to take next steps at the Hazel Dell property


  • That the people of our church will find unexpected blessing in their lives
  • That Hope Thrift Center will have favor in our community
  • That tithes and offerings would increase and allow us to do the ministries God has called us to do
  • That we would be able to give more to missions
  • That we could refinance our building loan to lower interest rate

 We also ask that you do the following during the 40 days:
  •  Complete fast (water only) for at least one day. (Please be mindful of any medical conditions.)
  •  Fast one thing throughout the entire time.

Our goal is to have at least one person doing a complete fast each day.  If you intend to do this, please let us know by filling out the form to the below.   


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Dates that include an "X" represent days that people have committed to fast.  You can still sign up to fast on these days.  Our goal is to have at least one person fasting every day from January 10 through February 19.