1. How God First Spoke to You

Remembering how you were led to Christ and how God revealed Himself to you is the first evidence of God. As you give thought to your journey, you will begin to see what God used to first speak to you. 


2. The Testimony of Creation

Psalm 19:1-6 declares that the power, existence, and wisdom of God is shown in all of creation. The irreducible complexity of the smallest cell to the universe itself cries out the message, “There is a Creator.” Order, beauty, and balance all speak to God’s purpose and care. There is no place on earth or human who has walked the earth where the creation of God has not spoken and left us without excuse to seek Him. 


3. The Power of the Bible

From the first day Moses felt led to write down the Word God had placed in his heart, the Word has been both loved and attacked. Yet over a period of centuries, God has inspired man to write out His message to mankind. People have tried to erase it. Others have tried to keep if for only a few, but, to this day, it is the most publicized book of all time. 

Psalm 19:7-11 tells of the work of God’s Word. For the soul that is weak there is sustenance to sustain him. 

  • Wisdom – The Bible teaches us how to act and what is right and wrong.
  • When we see the promises of the Word, the Bible fills our hearts with joy.
  • Psalm 119 lays out the work of the Word in our lives.
  • Hebrews 4:12 reminds us of what those who read the Word experience. The Word is living and active, speaking to the issues of our lives. 

Prophecy – The evidence of God is found in one unique aspect of God’s Word. It tells us of things to come. Throughout the Bible, the future works of God have been told years before they happen. From God’s promises to Abraham, to the naming of Cyrus as Babylon’s future ruler, to the coming of Christ and His work for mankind, these and hundreds of other prophetic messages are found in the Word and prove the reality of God and His Son Jesus. 


4. The Jewish People and the Nation of Israel

The Jewish people and the Nation of Israel are clear testimonies of the reality of God and truth of our faith. From one family, to Egypt for 400 years, to a nation in exile to restoration, and then again after Jesus to a people scattered around the world with no homeland, God has protected them and kept them just as He said He would. In 1948, the impossible took place when Israel became a nation once again, just as God said it would in the last days. 

If you can explain away the Jewish people, you can explain away God. Against all odds, the Jewish people’s very existence reminds us that God keeps His word. 


5. The Church

When the New Testament Church came on the scene there was strong opposition. The Jewish religious leaders wanted it aborted. The Roman Empire was a polytheistic society that found the new church to be unaccepting of their ways so they tried to stamp it out. Yet, within a few hundred years, not only had the church survived, but the Christian message dominated the Empire. The Church survives the centuries against all persecution as evidence of the power of God. 


6. Jesus and the Disciples

Jesus never wrote a book. He only traveled throughout Israel and Samaria. His ministry only lasted three years. He was crucified by the will of the religious leaders and under the order of the Empire of Rome and yet His message has lasted 2,000 years. The message of Jesus stands on one foundational pillar: He did not stay dead, but He rose on the third day. No resurrection, no Bible, and no Church, but here they stand. Of the original twelve disciples, one betrayed Him. One died an old man. Ten went to their deaths as martyrs proclaiming that this world could not destroy them because Jesus had conquered death. Their very lives were poured out as a testimony to all who have followed. Jesus is alive, and Jesus is the very Son of God and hope of the world.