C2 Groups

Connection. Community.C2

In our present culture people are searching for significance. They search for it in relationships. We all need to feel connected and experience a sense of community.  It's easy to get lost in the setting of a growing church unless you are involved in a smaller body within that community.

At Calvary Temple, that smaller body is a C2 Group. Although they come in many shapes and sizes, they are all defined by four characteristics:

1. They pray together,
2. They study the Bible together,
3. They socialize or fellowship with each other, and
4. They care for each other's needs.

The ultimate goal of C2 groups is to simply “Velcro” people to the two things they need most when faced with a “need-to-know” or a “need-to-grow” situation:  The Bible and other Christians.  Group members know that we are all in this together and no one stands alone.  C2 Groups are each member’s connection to the church fellowship.  It is where authentic and transparent Christian relationships are formed.

More About C2 Groups

C2 groups meet on the first and third Sunday evening of each month, although there are a few groups who gather on different days of the week.  Most groups either meet in homes or at Calvary Temple but, again, there are those that meet in different settings, such as restaurants, coffee shops, or even outdoors (in good weather!).

To find an open C2 Group near you - download the 2014 C2 Group brochure.   



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