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Pastor Riley and Casey Sampson

Our goal is to LOVE students and their families UNCONDITIONALLY, EXPOSE them to GOD'S WORD, and EQUIP them to REACH THEIR WORLD for the cause of Christ. We also strive to give our students opportunities for fellowship with other Christian teens so they may live life centered on God's Truth.


Junior High Ministry

Jr. High students are valuable people at a critical stage in life. Our goal is to fill them with God's Word, give them opportunities for ministry, and opportunities for fellowship with other Christian teens so they may live life centered on God's Truth.

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REVOLUTION is a ministry aimed specifically at sixth through eighth grade students. We meet every Wednesday at 7pm in the REVOLUTION ROOM. We offer God's Word, opportunities to meet other kids your age and lots of crazy activities.



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How can I get involved?

We invite students to get involved in several areas. Some of these areas include worship team, singing, being on a greeting or newcomer team, or helping with the technical side of our weekly services. If you would like to get involved, email Pastor Riley at .

Will I feel weird the first time I come?

We hope not. We'll start off by giving you a gift just to say thanks for coming. We also have kids who look for new people each week and work at making them feel welcome and comfortable. They will offer to sit with you and introduce you to some of the other kids.


Check out for answers to some of the hard questions in life. These questions are answered from a Christian viewpoint. For more information about our ministry, call Pastor Riley at 546.9700 x234.


JOLT is Sunday School Revolution style. We cover topics like relationships, friendships, parents, and other issues facing young teenagers today. It is small groups based and allows time for discussing these very important aspects of life with Godly leaders who have a passion for the souls of Junior high students. We play games, watch videos, and discuss Biblical principles in a fun and effective way. It is a fresh JOLT to the spiritual lives of junior high students. 

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